Strength comes from the determination to keep going



1/2 – 1 hour training session | Client and trainer | Full body workouts or body specific strength exercises | Complimentary full fitness consult/ fitness testing prior to training | Can include warm up and post workout stretching as well


Couple, 2 friends or even a parent & teen | A slightly reduced rate for bringing a buddy | Next best thing to one to one training! | Same level of workout as one to one training | We can focus on full body or body specific strength exercises
| Complimentary full fitness consult/fitness testing prior to training

CFES Personal Trainer

Active Aging Coach

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Nutrition Coach

About ME

Hi, my name is Lisa Parr. I am a 50 yr old, mother of two adult kids, a wife, dog lover, running junkie and fitness enthusiast. I also love my coffee and chocolate. Did I mention I am a former smoker. I worked in retail both as an employee and a manager for over 30 years.

I know that you may be thinking you don’t want a 50 yr old trainer. However keep reading my story. I am sure you will be inspired and motivated.

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    longest distance on foot and in mind


    Strength from Struggle 150 150

    Strength from Struggle

    Welcome to blog post #1… I am new to blogging so enjoy my first attempt and please feel free to give me feedback. The other day I was told by a friend that I was an inspiration. I was very flattered and humbled by the comment. It just happen to make my day. I also…

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    Coached by a Trainer.. 150 150

    Coached by a Trainer..

    When I became a personal trainer, just over 2 yrs ago, I did so for a couple of reasons. Mostly to help others gain a healthier well being, in mind and body. But the other reason was for self confidence. When I started personal training myself over 4yrs ago, I had almost no self confidence.…

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