Client Spotlight


“My name is Nancy and I have been training with Lisa for two years. Keeping fit has always been very important to me and being 76 years old I realize that the old adage “if you don’t use it, you lose it” is very true. Because I have osteoporosis strength training is crucial to my overall health. I train with Lisa two mornings per week from the gym in my daughter’s basement. Sometimes I groan when Lisa says, ”15 squats with a weight”, but I also realize that as one falling is all too common and therefore it is vital that we keep our legs strong.
Walking has become one of my daily ‘must dos” and I appreciate Lisa’s November challenge to walk at least 30 minutes per day rain or shine, and November has been mostly rain! Luckily, I have a treadmill available to me so I can avoid getting totally drenched.
Covid 19 has presented many challenges for all of us. The biggest issue for me is that I am unable to visit our 7 year old grandson, who lives in Ottawa. Christmas will be very quiet this year.
I feel very fortunate to have Lisa as my trainer. Thank goodness for Zoom so that she can continue to offer group classes. Her dedication to her clients and her enthusiasm give me a lift each time we get together. We have been able to continue private sessions using WhatsApp. Lisa keeps me energized and motivated to keep moving, during these unusual and often scary times.”


Lisa was (and is) my friend before she became my personal trainer. So I’ve known and worked with her for a while.

When ‘lockdown’ happened in March, life as we knew it stopped. I predominantly work from home and am used to having just the dog for company during the day. Suddenly I had not only my kids home all the time but my husband working from home – at my desk!

I was relegated to the dining room table (not great for my back or concentration) and became my children’s teacher too.

To try and keep some sanity we would all go out around 4pm everyday to find new, people free places to walk our dog. However, I missed my routine, my gym, my friends.

During all of this, Lisa started holding Zoom classes 3 times a week. I attended pretty much everyone. It helped me have a routine and a sense of purpose.

I noticed a difference in my body during this. I discovered muscles I didn’t know I had!

Summer came around and the routine went out the window a bit. Although I did take the opportunity to be active outdoors and even hiked Mount Slesse! I also continued with Lisa’s workouts during family vacations (in BC). Lisa and friends signed up for CMTR Summer Scavenger Hunt and I decided to sign up too with my friend Kathryn. What fun we had over the summer! Although I’m not sure we thought the 2000 stair challenge was much fun.

Without Lisa’s motivation, I’m not sure I’d have signed up for this challenge but I’m sure glad I did.

The summer fun came to an end and now the kids are back in school and my husband back at work. Time to get the exercise regime back on track!

It’s been hard finding the time as I’m busy with my business, and my job at a school, plus I decided to go back to school myself to train as an Education Assistant. It’s a lot to take on and my exercise has reduced.

I realize I need to look after myself and make time for me. So that means dragging myself out of bed in the dark to attend Lisa’s early morning Zoom workouts before the working day. They set me up for the day and make me feel better. I’ve also been grateful for the evening stretch classes Lisa has started to do as I have been neglecting stretching and my body is letting me know!

I’m planning to keep going with Lisa’s Zoom workouts and stretch classes. Thank you Lisa for keeping me accountable and motivated.