Coached by a Trainer..

Coached by a Trainer..

Coached by a Trainer.. 150 150

When I became a personal trainer, just over 2 yrs ago, I did so for a couple of reasons.

Mostly to help others gain a healthier well being, in mind and body.

But the other reason was for self confidence.

When I started personal training myself over 4yrs ago, I had almost no self confidence.

I was always living to what peoples expectations were of me. I could never say no.

So many of us are always giving so much that we never look at our true selves to see how we are doing?

How are you doing by the way?

I get asked all the time why I continue going to a Coach when I am now a coach myself.

Easy answer: Confidence.

I have someone who kicks my butt, holds me accountable and pushes me far beyond what I could do myself (or am motivated to do.)

My trainer and the gym where I go, were the whole reason I decided to be a Coach in the first place. I saw people change and for the good.  I saw a positive non judgemental environment that I enjoyed going to.

Don’t get me wrong. Not everyone succeeds in the same way, we all have different passions and strive for other goals. But it comes down to having confidence to do what you need to do for you..

I look forward to the days I have my gym time and the days I am privileged enough to coach others.

No matter where you are (beginning or not) the coach has to build your confidence and in turn you will gain it yourself. When you feel that confidence and strength inside, it will glow on the outside too.

I am not a perfect coach, I have so much more to learn, I love sweet stuff and struggle with food ( have improved a lot) and my coach is always correcting my form. Haha.

But I am real. I want people to be comfortable and enjoy their training. I want to see people gain confidence and feel great when they leave..( even if they don’t like me during the workout.)

This is why I have a Coach.